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A trustworthy i-Pod tune-up service?

There are three things that I do not go a 24-hour span without doing. 1. drinking water. 2. doing a nice #2. And 3, enjoying my 160gb iPod. Either it gets use in my car, or I've got a pair of headphones on.

Naturally, daily usage of an electronic device will produce some wear n' tear. I bought this band new 2 years ago, and haven't exactly been rough with it but it is showing some wear. It dosen't hold a charge like it used to, and the headphone jack isn't acting up but I know it could use a good cleaning. Are there any trustworthy websites that'll do a basic tune-up on an i-Pod?
The Wicked One

I'm a bit of an audiofile, so I avoid MP3 format if possible.

Given Apple's marketing strategy. They intentionally kill off the popularity of their earlier works to promote and sell their newer products.

You won't find something that is completely legit.
If anything you will find something on how to fix off brands like Sandisk.

2 years of a mobile electric device under almost constant use? You really know how to take care of it.
When its age and wear get too much, get a new one, then take apart the old one to see why it began its faltering.

It gives you something to do and the knowledge gained could always prove useful in keeping the new one in the best possible shape.

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> General Talk
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