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Voice of Dissent

About the Voice of Dissent

I'm the Voice of Dissent

I got into Iced Earth through Adam and now they are one of my favorite bands. My favorite Iced Earth song, other than Gettysburg, would be Vally Forge... It occasionally brings me to tears if I'm feeling cynical/pessimistic. This is partially because I am very political; I am what you call a minarchist which is basically a moderate Anarchist.

I like movies ALOT and i listen to a wide variety of music. I can not stand pop music in any form... and by pop I mean everything from AFI to Linkin Park to Brittney Spears (who was SOOOO fucking high at the VMA's (I saw it on youtube... i don't watch that shit on tv)

I am also a writer for our school newspaper... I have a(the) column called "Whats ur URL" where I talk about internet trends and websites (for the first issue I'm writing about why Google is better than the competition and for next issue I'm planning on either writing about Mozilla or Youtube)

I am also a mild gamer... i used to play my Xbox religiously but when God realized there was another in my life he got a little pissed (he's a very jealous God... I can hardly take him anywhere*). Before my xbox broke i was just short of pro at Gears of War. Me and one of my friends were going to go to a MLG tournament in Dallas but then God had his vengeance so i ended up not going. However my friend who was about equal skill as me... our clan revolves around the use of special weapons and tactics that other players are not used to playing against. My favorite game genre is RTS's... I like pretty much any RTS but I'm very excited about World in Conflict for the PC and 360. The game will be very diferant in that unlike other games because it is a constant battle with virtually no involvement in your economy. Check it out:

*I'm so going to hell for this... btw...religiously I am what is known as a Deist. Deism is similar to modern Agnosticism in concept but differs in that Deist do not doubt the existence of God but the role he plays in our lives. Some famous Deist would be Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, and Thomas Paine. Modern Deism has taken up much division among individual deist between exact philosophies but I myself have never really gotten too in depth into it so I just consider myself a Deist in general.

- Leroy

hey whats up leroy!

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