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AC/DC "Black Ice" Walmart Exclusive New Album

Well for those of you who dig AcDc as much as I do, you may have been as surprised as I was when they announced that their new album will only be sold at Wal Mart and Sams Clubs and AcDc's web site. Folks have called that selling out. Not to me simply because to me selling out is changing you style of music for the sole purpose of making more money. Not that changing the music is bad nor is changing music always a sell out.

I don't think AcDc sold out by doing this Wal Mart thing. Why? Because it seems to me there is a smaller market here. Sure there are shit loads of Walmarts and Sams clubs in the US and other countries, but being not sold in any other place like Target, Kmart, Sam Goody, FYE, Virgin Megastores or any where else, seems like LESS money opportunity than if they sold in other places. But that's just me.

I bought the "special edition" cd today (it has an awesome booklet with it) for $13.88 (the regular edition is only $2 cheaper), and I think it is a bad ass album! I have always liked AcDc anyway, and though I do admit a whole hell of a lot of their songs do sound alike they still kick ass. Been a fan since the Bon Scott days, and have never been disappointed yet. Though alot of other fans have been and even said this new album is shit. But any band is going to get that with their fans die hard fan or not.

So has anyone else got this new slab of hard rockin' metal? Do you like it? Hate it? I wanna know if I am the only one that likes this new album or not.
The Wicked One

I like a little AC/DC. I am still considering if I have enough money to get the newest album but alas I am spending it on concerts and going to the local record store to pick up newly brought in albums and vinyl.

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