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Athens Press Conference Posted Online - July 30, 2008's Elena Mihailidou and Nikoleta Saradou attended ICED EARTH's press conference prior to the band's July 20, 2008 concert at the Rock 'Em All festival, which was held at the Lykabetus Theater in Athens, Greece. Guitarist Jon Schaffer and vocalist Matt Barlow talked about their new album, where they stand after Matt's return to the group, how they were disappointed when they found out they weren't headlining the Rock 'Em All festival, their influences, their priorities and how Jon wants to study music as he is self-taught. Matt talks about what he did during his absence from ICED EARTH and how it feels to be back. He also states that he tries to inject his own feel into the songs that were previously sung by other vocalists and how he has never missed a show even if he had to perform sick.

Watch the 37-minute press conference below.

ICED EARTH sold 1,450 copies of its new EP, "I Walk Among You", in the United States in the single's first week of release enough to land the EP at No. 2 on the Billboard Maxi Singles chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Top Singles chart.

"I Walk Among You" marks the long-awaited return of vocalist Matthew Barlow and is the precursor to the forthcoming full-length album "The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2)", which is scheduled for release on September 9, 2008. The release features the single "I Walk Alone" along with two re-recorded tracks from "Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part 1)", featuring Barlow on vocals.

Following a series of European festival dates throughout the summer, ICED EARTH will embark on a North American tour in September.

To view the video, click the link and scroll down

YAY we'll have Framing Armageddon redone with Matt!!!
Framing Mattageddon!
(It will be on a Box-set with many other things :O)

Looks like Jon has a new Set tattoo of some type on his forearm!
The Sexiest Metalhead

Jon dosen't like interviews...  Laughing

Dante's Inferno live?

Aggelos Poneros

Xytras wrote:
Looks like Jon has a new Set tattoo of some type on his forearm!

Tatoo is old.

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