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Set Abominae

Austrian Death Machine

Just bought the "Total Brutal" album today. It's amazing.

If you don't know the story behind this "band", every position is played by As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis. Now, I HATE AILD, but this album....kicks fucking ass!!!

It is a concept album about Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies. There are tracks where Tim impersonates Ahnuld, and I've gotta say, it sounds just like him 99.98% of the time.

This is taken from the MySpace

Whenever a new band comes out I often hear it said, "that's exactly what you'd expect from a heavy band." I beg to differ. Austrian Death Machine is exactly what you should hear from a heavy band.

- a continuously fast paced tempo you can always circle pit to

- the obvious build up to a breakdown you'll know how to mosh to

- classic sing alongs we to pile up and sing along with

- a guitar solo in every song

And yes... I would never leave out the obvious key component. Cliche vocals that sound really angry! None of this scary screaming with makeup or goofy lows that we can all make under our breath.

Lastly, let move onto lyrical content. I've heard plenty of metal bands steal lyrics from angry fourth graders that hate going to church or don't want to clean their rooms. Now it's time to steal lyrics from the great minds of Hollywood screen writers that at least made it to sixth grade. Don't miss listening to the hit track "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers."

Bottom line, Austrian Death Machine is fast, pissed, brutal and every song has a guitar solo. You won't find fantasy lyrics or overly poetic personal jargon. There are only forcefully chanted, testosterone drive phrases that our sweet governor Arnold would approve of.

Austrian Death Machine is a tribute to the great Arnold movies. It is a band fronted by Ahhnold with music I wrote and recorded in my free time. But, most importantly, I had so much fun!

My advice? Buy this album. Or download it. or something.

I've listened them on myspace and liked their song.
their video is also good.
The Sexiest Metalhead

The music sucks, the skits are funny, the cover of "Hell Bent For Leather" is aweful.

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