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Bad news and good news about me

First the bad:
My financial situation is bad, really bad, so my cable and internet will be getting cut off this weekend (maybe even tonight). Since I have traffic ticket ($700) to pay this month (May) I won't have any money for well anything, that is almost my whole months pay. I don't have a job and that is from social security disability payments, and according to them I am no longer disabled and my last check will be in june. I haven't found a job yet even though I am applying EVERYWHERE! I will be back though once I get a job and on my feet again. It may be a little over a month before I get internet again, so just to let you know I am not leaving this forum just the internet for a while. So thanks to everyone here for being cool as fuck! Thanks to Iced Earth for being fucking AWESOME!
Now the good:
I will be back here to post more pointless posts as I have before!! I am not down for the count yet and don't plan on it. Just a little snag in my situation which will be remedied soon. So until then STAY ICED EARTH COOL!!
The Sexiest Metalhead

Wow, that sucks.

About a year ago I lost my computer for a month. It was horrible. I hope you come back soon!

I am still here for now, my mom is going to try to help so I don't lose the internet. I just called the cable company to extend the due date to MOnday, which they did, that's when ma is supposed to help.

good luck man, if i had the money i'd help ya out

Man that sucks,hope you'll be soon back
Good luck though

Yeah that sucks...
But i hope everything will work out for you!

I may still have internet. My mom told me to extend the payment date til Monday, which I did, which also means I keep cable and internet til I either pay or don't pay on Monday. So I am good for this weekend. If my mom can help me pay it monday like she plans than I will be good!
The Wicked One

sounds rough, keep fighting the good fight
Tainted Innocence

what ever you do,
those are essential. =)

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