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Set Abominae

Between the Buried and Me

Now, I have a feeling on what you're all going to say. But before you say it, go here and listen to these covers they did of some hard rock AND classic rock  [Shocked] songs.

Queen - Bicycle Race

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

Metallica - Blackened

Pantera - Cemetery Gates

Sepultura - Territory

There are others but I won't list them all.

So yeah, I think that album was one of the best cover albums I've listened to yet. Up there with Garage, INC. and Tribute to the Gods.

I have respect for these guys now.
The Well Hungarian

I saw them open for Dream Theater, they were alright live, however a band called "3" played before them and I felt they were better.
Set Abominae

Yes, I will say that 3 is a good band, probably better than BtBaM.
The Wicked One

My review, never really dug them at first.

Bicycle Race- New respect for the vocalist. He's no freddy but he knows how to sing.
Everything else made the song bite....almost like All American Rejects or Yellowcard were playing the instruments. Almost a popish tone.

Us and Them- Again this is interesting, early on this is very true to the original. The chorus is probably the weakest part of this song. Different is good to stamp it as this is their stamp on the song but thats the problem with floyd. DON'T LEAVE A STAMP!

Blackened- Remember about me respecting the Vocalist......its gone now...XD. The growl just lacks balls.

Cemetary Gates- Ok vocals for the melancholy style are actually good again.
This is probably the only post Glamtera song I actually like. And the only time I could find Phil to be decent singer.

Meloncholic vocals: cover is better
Heavier stuff: Pantera is better, this band has a strange knack of not putting the aggression in when they need to. The screams at the end were horrible for the cover.

Territory- Fail.....enuff said
Tainted Innocence

I'm not even gunna bother listening to the covers,i've heard enough from a chick to know that i don't like the band
Set Abominae

Tainted Innocence wrote:
I'm not even gunna bother listening to the covers,i've heard enough from a chick to know that i don't like the band

Listen to the pink floyd cover - you will be surprised.
The Sexiest Metalhead

Yeah, no thanks brah. Laughing

hm, the blackened cover is not so bad, accept of the vocals. But its not that bad.

The other covers are okay, but nothin' too special...

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