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Set Abominae

Big Four - Shock Rock/Metal VS.


Alice Cooper is the only one that really shocked in still does...

Ozzy Osbourne got a couple of good albums, Kiss got a couple of good songs and Alice Cooper got a whole bunch of albums which I consider as Masterpieces! So the answer for me was quite easy.
The Sexiest Metalhead

Alice Cooper rules.
The Wicked One

Seeing as how Alice Cooper was an influence to the rest of them it kind of answers it for themselves. Especially White/Rob Zombie.

I voted for KISS cause I have always liked them better than Cooper not that I didn't like him, I mean he was and still is a big influence on bands such as KISS. But KISS were my all time favorite band ever til I discovered Cradle of Filth and Iced Earth (who are number 1 and 2, respectfully).

Alice Cooper

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