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Black Metal Vs.

Which is the best Black Metal band in your opinion? NOTE: Cradle Of Filth is NOT a choice as they were never really a black metal band, not even in their demo days. Most fans agree. Dani Filth himself has gone on record as saying they were never black metal.

As for my vote, I made it too hard to choose, I love all those bands. I will vote later.
Aggelos Poneros

And Burzum is not black metal band? Or it's not one of your favourite? :p

Aggelos Poneros wrote:
And Burzum is not black metal band? Or it's not one of your favourite? :p

DOH!! I left them out?? Hell just shoot me than! But my problem was there were too much I liked and I left off plenty of others too. But I did put that choose your own in case any of the ones listed weren't good enough or whatever. I mean if I hadn't been trying to think of black metal bands for this poll and just looked at my cd collection I probably would have had Burzum instead of Satyricon as a choice (not that I don't like Satyricon just like Burzum better)

I don't listen to a lot of black metal, not my kinda thing, but I do have a couple of Emperor tracks that I enjoy.

Christ Inversion

Emperor and Borknagar are the only BM bands I sometimes listen to. Thinking about it, I'll go for the latter, cause Emperor's last 2 albums bored me to hell.
And The Olden Domain is a fucking great album. If you don't have it, fuck you and get it!!! Twisted Evil
The Wicked One

Venom only coined the name Black Metal with their album. tech NWBHM or thrash.
Its like Metallica and Pantera having 'Power Metal' demos.

but what I really like is what Dark Throne did with their last album.

Panda Bear makup free unTR00-Norwegian KVLT black metal. As Black Metal was and should be.

Venom, the only band I like from that list. I don't really listen to black metal so...

But Venom is a great band. At War with Satan, is among the best epic songs made!

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