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Brazil tour?

A banda norte-americana Iced Earth, que se apresenta pela
primeira vez no Brasil em fevereiro do próximo ano, vem com sua
formação modificada. Jon Schaffer permanece na guitarra e vocais,
Matt Barlow há dois anos voltou para o vocal, Freddie Vidales e
seu baixo entrou na banda no ano passado, Troy Seele continua
na outra guitarra desde 2007 e Brent Smedley na bateria.

Here is a Googel Translate
The American band Iced Earth, which is presented for the
first time in Brazil in February next year, comes with its formation
last. Jon Schaffer remains on guitar and vocals, Matt Barlow two
years ago returned to the voice, Freddie Vidales and low joined
the band last year, Troy Seele continues on guitar since 2007 and
Brent Smedley on drums.
Metal Defender

Lucky Brazilian Fans

Also, Im sure 'baixo' means 'bass' and not 'low' in this context. XD Silly google translate!
Sandra - Dark Saga -

I hate you Argentina, Brazil and Chile!!!!!!!!!
You get all the nice concerts!!!!!!
HATE YOU, CESAR!!!! Evil or Very Mad

No, i'm kidding, you're a nice guy and I love your vocals... but some part of me hates you  Laughing

Hahaha, come on Sandra, You know you'll have Iced Earth in your country Wink =D. I love you babe, so don't hate me! XD


does IE intend on announcing it?
Johnny Z.


Johnny Z. wrote:

I really hope for you South American guys that this is true!

Dante wrote:
Johnny Z. wrote:

I really hope for you South American guys that this is true!

I'll wish them luck  Very Happy

It's probably going to be a looong time before they come back to Denver  Sad

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