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The Wicked One

Bring back the Dresden Files

heres a petition. sign plz

Online petitions usually don't work, buying the dvd's does if enough people buy them. Remember the Family Guy thing, canceled, sold buttloads of dvd's and then renewed. But you never know, this online petition may work. I never seen the show so I don't have an opinion about it. Is it good? Or just a cheap low budget knock off of the X-Files (that's what I have heard about it so I don't know)
The Wicked One

its based of a series of ongoing novels.

Main character Harry Dresden is the son of a 2 bit stage magician and a real witch.

Mother dies from causes unkown, Father is killed by evil uncle on mothers side.
Harry as child is then raised by his evil uncle and a Alchemist/Wizard who's spirit is trapped in his skull.
Harry kills his uncle when he figures out what happened. Though he killed him with Black magic which is not allowed according to a corrupt and uncaring High Council that regulates the use of magic. So Harry is basically shunned.

He uses a drumstick and a Hockey stick as a wand and staff. How fucking sweet is that!?

Overall it has some good humor, dark stuff with mythical beasts and grimoires and other crazy shit.
Nicholas Cage is a producer for the show.

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