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Changes - 4-6-2008

I added a VS subforum in the Iced Earth music section.

The original VS section is for other bands

I changed the Other Metal section a little and made Non-Metal it's own category.

I added a Religion/Politics and Tech sub-forum in the General Talk forum

the ranking system has now been changed-

Human - 0 posts
Fallen Angel - 15 posts
Underling - 45 posts
Prophet - 75 posts
Stormrider - 90 posts
High Priest - 150 posts
Setian Ruler - 250 posts

If anyone has any concers or suggestions just let me know Wink I thought I'd update incase we get any new visitors Smile

oyah! I'm a High Priest! Smile

yep Wink

If you hadn't made me a mod, this post would make me a Stormrider! My name Stormrider would have Stormrider under it. A double dose of Stormrider.
The Sexiest Metalhead

I like the new name system.

I like it to!
Stormrider wasn't you a moderator before?
Have you been promoted to Site Admin Smile

Yea I have been, to help combat the spam we had recently. So far I hadn't noticed any new spam. Seems Paranoid is on the ball on that department so far. I am just a helper admin. To delete fools who spam that Paranoid misses. I won't be doing anything like changing the forum up or stuff like that. Any of my ideas for the forum will be run thru him before or if I even do something to the forum. Oh that is not his restrictions on my, I imposed those restrictions on myself as I am admin in my own forum and have promoted a member there to admin.  So I know promoted admins need to go thru the owner of the forums for any major changes or in some cases minor changes. That's just what I think, don't really know Paranoids stance on this.

well it would be nice to tell me first, but if its for the good of the forum go for it Smile

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