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Demons and Wizards covers IE tunes

I only found two. Hansi does a damn good job covering these songs

A Question of Heaven

Travel in Stygian

and he sings Iron Maiden songs good too

Yeah he got an incredible voice...

I can recall that i had a The Trooper with Barlow, lost it though, anyone have it for download somewhere?
The Sexiest Metalhead

Those were grat, I'd like to hear more of those performances.
Voice of Dissent

Makes me think... and I'm sure I'm not the first one to think about this, but still...

Imagine that after Barlow leaves again Hansi takes his place... I think I mentioned it to Adam once awhile back and he said it wouldn't be the same but this makes me think otherwise... what do yall think?
Aggelos Poneros

well, I don't know...
I agree that Hansi does a damn good job, but Barlow is Barlow...

Yeah Aggelos is right...
Same  with Ripper he's good but Barlow is Barlow.
Aggelos Poneros

my point exactly Wink
The Wicked One

well with 3 albums worth of material coming up, i don't think they'll do that again.

Barlow is the best one for IE ...and if Hansi would join IE, it would be bad for Blind Guardian, which is also a great band. So it would be a bad idea
The Wicked One

Not gonna happen.
Demons & Wizards is a collaboration band that is special in its own way. The difference is enough to have all 3 bands going.

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