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Dream Theater ?

Does aynone like this band ? I used to really hate them, I couldn't listen to them for years, but since a few month I can't live a day without listening DT at least one minute Very Happy

What's your fav album and song ?

Mine are probably ... Metropolis part II and Honory Thy Father
The Sexiest Metalhead

I find them to be a very overrated band. I don't hate them, but I'm not a fan either.

i like em. they put on a good show

they are pretty good, I quite like them, but its not THAT interesting
The Wicked One

I like some of their stuff. If I really want to be progged out though I stick to Symphony X though.
The Well Hungarian

I've seen them about 6-7 times, their best album is Scenes from a Memory, I also like Images and Words and Train of Thought. Can't stand Octavarium. The best show I've seen by them was at the Beacon Theater In NYC, in the middle of the set they played Master of Puppets album start to finish, it was an incredible show. Portnoy has too much control in this band and has kinda ruined them lately, their portnoy controlled set-lists have blown in the last couple of years.

I pray to have enough money for seeing them in this summer. but I also wanna go to deep purple's concert..
money money money-must be funny =P

I play a concert the night they play in Switzerland :'(

3DD13 wrote:
I play a concert the night they play in Switzerland :'(

that's bad /: but when are they coming, I must tell my cousins!

on Juny 27th, near Zürich

i love dream theater. favorite album is scenes from a memory ( though im really liking black clouds and silver linings), and my favoite song is "as i am."

Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands... I have two favorite albums: Train of Thought and Systematic Chaos. Both I fell in love with instantly. xD

A few of my favorite songs are:

These Walls
Pull Me Under (my first metal song EVAH!)
In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2
In the Name of God
Wait For Sleep
The Count of Tuscany

Love love LOVE me some Dream Theater, even if they're really popular. Can't say I like the material before LaBrie came on board though. Favorite song "To Live Forever" but favorite all-around album "Scenes From A Memory", with "A Change of Seasons" pissing me off the most because of the absolutely horrendous sound of the drums. I really feel all drum tracks sound best with at least a tiny bit of reverb or echo. Change of Seasons sound likes Slim-Jim hitting an empty water jug.

To be honest, they're not my cup of tea. Especially LaBries voice annoys me, although I think that Home is an epic song (the outro is just an oriental eargasm!)

Agreed on the eargasm bit. I think there's sitar mixed in with that riff, which is an instrument that always catches my ear.

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