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the one true seeker

Election 2008

Who are you gonna vote for president of U.S.?   Or who would you vote for if you where an American?

For me I'm still undecided. Basically waiting for running mates to be chosen. Then deciding who is the lesser of two evils.

I'm not American so I can't vote!
But i probably would vote for Obama, I think that USA has much to learn from an black president! (I'm not black)
But I don't really care!

i think this is the worst running election ever
Tainted Innocence

...would it be too "goth" to say...FUCK THE GOVERMENT.
i have officially lost ALL faith in our nation.
Set Abominae

I'm voting for Cthulhu.

The Wicked One

Sets got it right.

anyway if you haven't figured it out im voting for McCain.

I am a lifelong Independent, but I've been a McCain fan for many years now. Supported his bid in 2000 as well. I will be enthusiastically voting for him in November. Sarah Palin for VP!

I want to move to Finland :/


Chuck Norris
As President
As Vice President
As Secretary of State
As Supreme General
As Supreme Court
As Senate
As House
As Military
As Pope
As head of the Board of Education
As head of the DMV
As Secret Service (Cause Chuck Norris doesn't need bodyguards, everyone ELSE does)
As Board of Television (a.k.a The thing we use to watch Walker Texas Ranger]
As all anchors of CNN, Fox News, BBC, and local radio jockey's

World problems = Solved.
The Wicked One

if i had a choice.

Alice Cooper: President
Ted Nugent: Vice President or Secretary of Defence

I wanted to vote for Clinton but she dropped out. I don't like Obama Bin Laden, he's a terrorist in disguise, he just forgot to drop his terrorist name Obama.  Besides I don't like Americans with stupid names like Barrak, Obama, Shabidu, Laquesha, Pilot, Apple, or other idiotic names, which are usually black folks and celebs kids (poor kids). I wouldn't care if we had a black or woman Pres just so long as they had a normal name. I don't even know what Obama is about in his campaign, he may be the best one, but he is gonna be a terrorist Pres so no.

paranoidmexican009 wrote:

god damn it yeah, I would vote bundy if I could!!!

So when I picked up my brother from work today, I see this convy of two tour buses, 4 black SUVS, a shit load of blinking SUVS, and 4 police escorts turn onto the road in front of me. My brother and I were like "What the fuck is that!?" Thought it had to be someone important, and it was Obama. We followed it until we turned off the highway, little bastards were hogging up the whole fucking highway, and at a stop light would fucking block all the lanes, pieces of shit! Razz Anyway, I know it was Obama because he was visiting a plant that my brother worked near:
Tainted Innocence

the guy from primus for presidente!
Set Abominae

This is great and this is the reason why I'm voting Cthulhu

Jay Leno is Satan.

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