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Fellow Minions! I have good news! (Well to me anyway)

I am getting MARRIED! Strangely enough it would seem. I always though I'd never find anyone in my life time, thought I'd die before finding my soul mate. But I was wrong I have found her in Ashley my new fiance. Some folks may think we are getting married way too soon as we have only been dating since December of 2008, but we are in love (and I am 38 years old, so this aint a kiddie crush). Anyway the wedding will hopefully be on Halloween of this year with costumes and all. Anyway just thought I let my fellow minions know the good news about me! Thank you all for being such cool as fuck folks here and thank Iced Earth for being one of the best heavy fucking metal bands EVER!

Congratulations! I'm happy for you! Have a great wedding Wink I can't wait my wedding, but I'm only 17 Smile
Set Abominae

Dude, congratulations!  Smile

It was great havin you around minions, hope you never go away dude, you're awesome!

Make sure the DJ plays some ICED EARTH - or KICK HIS ASS!!!!!

how far is hurst? maybe I can take that day off and come see you guys

paranoidmexican wrote:
how far is hurst? maybe I can take that day off and come see you guys

Hurst is in the Dallas Fort Worth Area about 30 minutes from downtown Dallas maybe about 20 mins from Fort Worth. I don't know how far Houston is from here though. Anyway it would be cool for you to come, it'd be a chance to finally meet the man behind the greatness here!

you're about 4-5 hours away


Congratulations dude, thats awsome, I'm very happy for you...

may you to have a long live and be happy till you die, god bless you both!

Congratz dude! Smile
May it last forever!

hey congratulations =)

your wedding cake is from me :p

The Wicked One






Why HASN'T she JOINED the forum yet?

You know she'd get one hell of a welcome!

Congratulations mate Very Happy

Tainted Innocence

dude! that's fucking awesome! be sure to post pics of the wedding

I got good news or bad news about my wedding, depending on who you ask (lol). It has been moved up to June 10th or possible July 22nd, though the July date is more likely. Anyway I thought I'd update you fine folks on this. Gotta change my profile settings and get Ash to join here too. Changing on profile cause I moved from Hurst to Fort Worth. Anyway, cheers!

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