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I talk now about the heavy metal band I play in since three or four months. We are five guys (a drummer, a bass player, a lead guitar player, a rythmic guitar player and a singer) and the band was created 5 years ago. At first, it was called Frozen Hell (it was surely inspired by the last floor of the Dante's hell) but now it's called Frozen Sword, whitout any reasons ^^. We have 15 compositions, inspired firstly by Manowar and too by Iced Earth, Iron Maiden and Megadeth. Now we are in a period of compositions. This year, we're gonna do too lots of gigs (through Switzerland mainly, but maybe too in Italia and in France). This mini-tour is called "A Tour Through The Death", a reference of our 4 tracks demo called A Journey Through The Death. During our gigs, we play some covers too like Black Night (Deep Purple), Angels Holocaust, Holy Smoke (Iron Maiden) and many others of Metallica, Manowar, etc.
We have a website with an english version. I hope that one day we'll play the first part of Iced Earth and that we'll play in America and everywhere in the world. Maybe someday we'll meet some of you ? Only time will tell us our true destiny ...

You guy's are fucking talented :=)

Keep it up!
The Sexiest Metalhead

Good stuff.

still composing ...
The Wicked One

hey for the last set could be pulled off as spoken word. get as a deep and dark vocal line.

what you do with the music, id leave that to what already seems to be great creativity.

It's a Coming Curse-like song. The song' structure is like that :
- The chorus (whithout singing) : a rythmic very very slow with an High speed phrase and the drum with the double bass
- The verse that seems like a typical Iced Earth riff
- the bridge : a quick riff with the last sentence "You who enter here, abandon all hope"
- the chorus with a deep vocal line
- the verse
- the bridge
- the chorus
- the soli : I've a great idea. I don't found any guitar line for this part so I take the bridge line more quickly and do 4 mini-soli alternated (2 by me and 2 by the other guitar) exactly like Metallica' Seek 'n Destroy soli
- then 1 time the verse's riff with the rythmic guitar that play the full thing, the bass, the drumm and the other guitar play only tow or three notes
- the bridge (it's very near of the solo, but I haven't any other sollution)
- and finally 2 times for the chorus

Maybe it isen't cool to read that, but as I soon as we tab this song with my drummer on guitar pro, I'm gonna put the MIDI or mp3 file here.
The Wicked One

thats good too.

You want to listen to our music ? Since yet, I just talked about it, so now, I've uploaded our demo on youtube

Wind Of North(intro) + Reign Of Blood And Fire
Journey Through The Death

That's all for the moment, but tell me what do you think about that ... You can subscribe and comment too ;D
The Sexiest Metalhead

It say's the video has been removed... Mad

For a shitty reason called "air guitar" we passed all auround the Switzerland on TV Very Happy

bad ass ^^

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