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Halo 3 Is Going To Be Greatness...

These pix only promise that.

Those customized Spartans are sofa king badass... fucking hell, I'm going to have to sell a bunch of shit so I can buy an X360 and H3 on the same day.
Beast Of Metal

Meh. It's going to be ok.

I think it's going to be a great game! I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but that may change once this game is released.
Voice of Dissent

based on what im sering and my experiance with the beta heres my estimated review:

Graphics: Mediocre
Feel: Good
Single Player Campaign: Godly (in comparison to Halo 2)
Multi-Player: Sucks big monkey balls if they didnt fix the matchmaking so 4 level 8's dont end up against a level 8, a level 22, a level 16, and a level 14.
Enjoyability/Variety of Game types: OMFG!

btw... look at the bottom left corner... Zombies is now a official game.

I hope its not just Halo 2 with pretty graphics....I can't afford a new system right now, I hope to play this soon though along with 100 other next gen games coming out.

Well, apparently it's going to be the final Halo game. Which to me, is fucking stupid... unless they mean it's the last game that's going to deal with the actual Halo rings. They probably should've just named it Combat Evolved: Halo, then CE: Halo 2 or something along the lines and just kept the series going with new plots. With the expansive universe that Halo has, they could keep this thing running for years.
Beast Of Metal

Meh, I'll wait a few weeks after it comes out. It'll be ok. God of War series is waaay better!

After driving by GameStop, seeing the parking lot full of douchebags, going to Walmart and only finding the line to be about 20 people, me and my friend got there at 11:35 or so. Not too bad of a wait though, at least my fellow nerds are a nice and friendly people.
The Wicked One

I wish i had a 360

but i also wish for them to make a Fall of Riech video game.

that would be cool.
Beast Of Metal

God of War series > Halo series

Halo = bangs your mom. Razz

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