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Set Abominae

Happy MuthaFuckin Birthday, Paranoid!

My fellow MuthaFuckin Minions,

Today is Adam's MuthaFuckin birthday. Without his MuthaFuckin ass we wouldn't have this MuthaFuckin forum to post and lol on. And if I remember right, this is his MuthaFuckin 21st birthday [correct my MuthaFuckin dumbass if I'm wrong]. So, you guys better be MuthaFuckin thankful for sir Adam and his MuthaFuckin patience to deal with all of us.


SO happy MUTHAFUCKIN' birthday bro and thanks a lot for giving us all this muthafuckin' forum for this muthafuckin' band which is called iced muthafuckin' earth!

have a nice day  Very Happy

Happy Muthafuckin' Birthday, muthafucker!
Tainted Innocence

god damn,what's with all the fucking profanity? meh,another year of raising hell,hope its a good day of celebration

turned 20 but still got drunk lol. i've also not had internet for the past week

Set Abominae

Thank you for correcting me on my mistake. At least you had a great birthday man Smile

We really are thankful for you dude, don't leave us ever!!!
Aggelos Poneros

Happy B-day =)

Happy SevenMothaFuckin day-late birthday  Laughing

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