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Hello brothers and sisters!!!

Hy, I'm 18 old, coming from Austria(it's the neighbor country of Germany for those who don't no it).
My interests are heavy metal in every form, some good books, films conversations and of corse getting drunk from time to time Wink
Well I'm a musician, I play base, classical guitar and sometimes also do vocals.

I loved Iced Earth from the beginng. I started listening IE for 3 years and some months, and all I can say is, that I'm completely impressed by the character and the genius of JOHN SCHAFFER, who became something like a hero for me. he inspired me a lot of times and after a while I started playing Iced Earth myself.
When I saw them live, I was blown away, I will never forget it and so I'm bounded to Iced Earth, I'm a slave to the dark!

I'm really happy that I found a forum, where people are also fascinated by this amazing band and its head Schaffer. I'm looking forward to discuss the new album, live concerts and everything around Iced Earth, for this:

The Wicked One


YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!!! Welcome to the forum! I've always wanted to go on vacation in Austria!
Set Abominae

Welcome to Minions; I have also wanted to visit Austria.

Enjoy your stay, come back every day!!

Herzlich willkommen bei den Minions Smile
(welcome to the minions in German Mr. Green  )


thank you all, I wasn't wrong about this forum,

a lot of friendly people in hear,

thanks for the great welcoming!!!!

welcome on the forum, I'm new here to  Wink

e6r6i6c wrote:
welcome on the forum, I'm new here to  Wink

cool thing, let's post...sorry ROCK! Wink

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