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I just found this forum from the IE homepage, i feel stupid for not seeing it before Very Happy ...anyways, i have been a huge IE fan for quite some time now, and i hope to enjoy this forum Smile

Im 20 years old, male, i live in Finland (the land of metal Very Happy) my hobbies are music, movies, snowboarding, reading, playing games, and some other things. Mostly music, it takes most of my time. I play guitar and piano, guitar is my main instrument, which i have played for 7 years now, i have been in many bands, currently im playing in a band called Atmosfear, i founded this band with my friend late last year, our style is progressive/power/thrash/melodic metal Smile ..and probably next month we have a myspace site up and running and you all can listen to our songs there, anyway, i will inform you about that later when the time has come Smile  

if you have any questions, feel free to ask them

welcome! thanks for joining our forum Smile
Aggelos Poneros

hey, welcome!
my cousins live in Finland... Smile


thank you all for welcoming me Smile
The Sexiest Metalhead

I'll welcome you as well.  Smile

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