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Hey yo.

Just sayin hi, new member.
been a fan several years now. just looking to meet fellow fans and enjoy some music.

well in that case:
welcome home brother!

enjoy the forum

Welcome to the Minions Of The Watch!
Enjoy your stay ! ;D
Set Abominae

Welcome to Minions of the Watch!

I hope you meet some new friends to chat with here though we only have a few lurkers now ._. myself included.

I haven't made a post in months!

Consider yourself worthy of the Wicked One!!!  Twisted Evil

Ahoy all! I've owned a copy of Iced Earth's Glorious Burden for a few years but didn't really give it many listens. However, in the past few months something happened and not only have I repeatedly listened to that album, but I've also picked up copies of nearly everything else the band has done. I am a certified fan now. I saw there was a link for this forum off the official Iced Earth page, and thus here I am!

Welcome to the forum!

This forum has been kind of dead for a long time. Hope to pick up some activity with Plagues Of Babylon being available now.

Hi. I am a new member to this forum. Nice to meet you all here.

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