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Aggelos Poneros


Okay, this topic is a bit more serious.
I need to decide on what university will I go.
I'm thinking of medicine, chemistry, biology or pharmacy :S

What do you guys think? :/

well, since I don't like ANY of them, I'm probably not the right person for it, but:

medicine, is kind of least here in austria, chemistry is interesting and so is biology, a friend of mine is studying it, pharamcy sounds kinda boring

so I would say chemistry and biology

Chemistry would be my choice.
Aggelos Poneros

Well i was thinking about the same but I'm not sure. Because I have to think about future job and then is medicine most promising... Or at least I think so.
Sandra - Dark Saga -

I think you should ask people who really know you since it's about something so important in life

be a mercenary and part time stripper
Tainted Innocence

i agree with the mexican,i think pharmacy would be the least amount of work with a decent pay

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