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I like Chilled Earf, so I have joined the Watch!

Ahoy all! I've owned a copy of Iced Earth's Glorious Burden for a few years but didn't really give it many listens. However, in the past few months something happened and not only have I repeatedly listened to that album, but I've also picked up copies of nearly everything else the band has done. I am a certified fan now. I saw there was a link for this forum off the official Iced Earth page, and thus here I am!  Very Happy

Welcome, glad to have you here on this rather slow forum. Of course I don't get on here that often so part of it is my fault but I will hope to keep the forum alive as long as possible.
Set Abominae

Indeed, welcome, welcome, to Minions!  Razz

We're still trying to keep this alive, coming back every day and posting always helps XD

But even I can't commit to that all the time  Confused

welcome brother! although the forum appears to be fuckin' dead, I still hope you enjoy your time here!
post as much as you can and we'll answer Wink

Sounds good to me. Forums are kind of sentimental for me as they, along with eBay, were my original reasons for wanting to partake of the internet back in...geeze 1998? Haha yes, I didn't even have access until then. Crazy. And it was good ol' 56k dial up! But yeah, this site looks great. Easy to navigate, and the Dystopia Abominae is a nice touch on the top of the page.

Welcome to the Minions! Very Happy
Aggelos Poneros

Welcome (:

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