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Iced Earth bassist for 2008 tour

From Iced

Iced Earth opens auditions for bassist to complete 2008 touring lineup.

Americaís premier Heavy Metal band, ICED EARTH, is seeking a deeply passionate and motivated bass guitarist to complete the bandís touring lineup for the 2008 tour season. If you have the chops to join Jon Schaffer and Brent Smedley in metalís most bulletproof rhythm section, read on.

Applicants MUST possess the following:

  1. A demonstrated ability to play with impeccable timing and accuracy.
  2. A commanding stage presence that bleeds intensity, aggression, and emotion.
  3. Confidence in themselves but also a willingness to be a team player.
  4. Proficiency in finger-style playing with some picking experience.
  5. Residency in the United States (Midwest residence is a bonus, but not required).
  6. A familiarity with the ICED EARTH catalog.
  7. A flexible work schedule, as this is not an offer for a full-time band position. However, should you land the gig and exceed our expectations in 2008, an opportunity for further collaboration on tour and in the studio will certainly be considered.

Applicants should submit the following:

  1. A demo video on DVD is preferred, but an audio CD or cassette tape of your performance is also acceptable.
  2. A photo of yourself if you do not submit a demo in video format.
  3. A brief biography outlining your experience and gear setup.
  4. Contact address, e-mail address, and phone number should we wish to interview you further.

Before we outline the format of your demo submission, know that, we ARE NOT INTERESTED in listening to a fully produced recording. DO NOT send us ONLY a finished CD release from any band that you have played with. We cannot judge your level of timing and accuracy if you send us a recording thatís been mixed and produced.

A simple LIVE home video or audio recording on a CD/cassette tape that documents your playing is all we need to know if you possess the finely-tuned skills we require. This, in addition to any recording of a live performance will be a plus in telling us what we need to know.

The following is what is required for further consideration:

  1. A recording of you sitting down by yourself and playing LIVE along to a click-track.
  2. Playing a minimum of 4 songs of varying tempos from ICED EARTH or a combination of songs from Iced Earth and legendary bands such as IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH or RUSH. Pick well-known songs with challenging bass lines.

Please send your bio and demo materials in video or audio format to:

Spirit of 76 Collectibles
1728 17th Street
Columbus, Indiana 47201

*Please note that demos will not be returned.

If you have further questions, you may e-mail us at:
The Sexiest Metalhead

If only I had the skill, this would be a dream.  Laughing
Sandra - Dark Saga -

I want Jimmy back...  Sad

ben, you outta apply
Set Abominae

paranoidmexican009 wrote:
ben, you outta apply

I would, but I'm not good enough yet. If it happens in like five years, fuck yeah I'll apply

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