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Iced Earth Monopoly

We all know a few years back KISS gave permission to have a KISS-Opoly created (which I own). But there is no Iced Earth-Opoly. Well I am creating one for my self, my soon to be wife and friends to play. I will buy a regular edition Monopoly game from Wal Mart for $11 and use that.

Then my somewhat lacking but good enough paintshop skills will come in. Once I create the title deeds to the properties, railroads and utilities, using scans of the real ones, I will print them on sticker paper and stick them on the real deed cards (Front and back), as well as stickers to go on the board spaces. Than I will protect them in that laminating stuff. I will also laminate the board too to protect it and enable it to be played several times. I will be creating special Iced Earth money in 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, 100's and 500's like the real games (need ideas on who goes on what, of course Jon, Set, Matt, Ripper, Gene Adam, and John Greely and one more I can't think of will be on them just don't know which bills yet). As well as chance and community chest cards which I will need to rename to something Iced Earthish.

That's where I am asking for my fellow minions help on. I need ideas for the properties, railroads (which don't have to be railroads like in the KISS-Opoly game they are the four solo albums) and utilities which don't have to be utilities either. If you know the Monopoly games  you know what help I am asking. Also need cool cards too like on KISS-Opoly they have stuff like "Break The Spaceman's Guitar String Pay $100" or something like that. In place of go they have Rock And Roll All Nite and in place of Jail they have Sold Out Show. So anyone got ideas? I'd appreciate it. When it is complete I will post pics.

Final note, of course I can't make these for any one for a few reasons, ink for the printer costs money and it will take a lot of ink, buying a Monopoly game to alter costs $11 like I said, my time is limited and it will obviously have copyrighted images and stuff so I can't legally produce these for any one but myself (which may or may not be illegal in itself). Hope that doesn't turn you off to helping me. I will post step by step instructions on how to make your own if you want.

Some Ideas I have already...

Something Wicked This Way Starts in place of Go
Burning Oasis in place of Jail
Various albums and songs in place of properties and such.
And of course different things for the chance/community chest cards like... "Become A Slave To The Dark Advance To Something Wicked This Way Starts Collect $200" or "You decide to leave the band to become a cop, go back three spaces". These ideas are not set in stone so anyone with better ideas feel free to post!

Stuff like that. Thanks in advance.

PS if this sounds like a stupid idea to you that's cool, but I like it. I am already creating a Cradle Of Filth-Opoly so I don't care if folks think it's stupid. Those want to throw some ideas I will be more than grateful!

This sounds like a fucking AWESOME idea, I love Monopoly! I'll think some stuff up

"Try to write a song, get thrown out of band and go strait to jail"

lets see...insted of the jail, it could be dante's inferno. maybe stuff like you crashed the tour bus, pay $200 could have boardwalk be the wacken festival.....lots of $$ to play there.  park place could be....ozzfest? have a space be the recording studio,,,post more when i think of it..

good idea! sounds great to me

hmmm, you could make a "you pissed Jon of, got kicked out and have to pay 100 bucks" card

mindcrime wrote:
lets see...insted of the jail, it could be dante's inferno. maybe stuff like you crashed the tour bus, pay $200 could have boardwalk be the wacken festival.....lots of $$ to play there.  park place could be....ozzfest? have a space be the recording studio,,,post more when i think of it..

I like those ideas!! Thanks.

"You're Ernie Carletti go straight to jail"

Dante wrote:
"You're Ernie Carletti go straight to jail"

Sorry so long to reply. But LOL!!

EDIT: 08/08/11 - Now that the Festival's Of The Wicked DVD is out and Dystopia is coming soon and I have a long ways to go to complete this project I have changed some spaces to reflect this. I have also changed the Railroads from the demos to the Singles and EP's.

Well I've been working on this for a while. So far no artwork to show but I do have lots of stuff ready. All I am lacking now as far as ideas are the 32 Chance and Community Chest cards (16 each), though I have some already (including some from you fine Minions here). Here is what I have so far

Iced Earth-Opoly

The money is now called Burnt Offerings. The Iced Earth Logo is on the $1, Gene Adam is on the $5, John Greely is on the $10, Tim "Ripper" Owens is on the $20, Matt Barlow is on the $50, Set Abominae is on the $100, and Jon Schaffer is on the $500.

The spaces in order as they are on the board:
Go- Collect 200 Burnt Offerings As You Pass Something Wicked This Way Starts (which is the name for go)

Mediterranean Avenue - Purgatory Demos - $60

Community Chest - The Blessed

Baltic Avenue - Iced Earth Enter The Realm Demo - $60

Income Tax - Tour Bus Repairs Pay 10% or 200 Burnt Offerings

Reading Railroad - The Melancholy EP $200

Oriental Avenue - Iced Earth "Axel Hermann" Artwork $100

Chance - The Damned

Vermont Avenue - Iced Earth "Rick Borstelman" Artwork $100

Connecticut Avenue - Iced Earth Remastered Artwork $120

In Jail/Just Visiting - In Dante's Inferno/Just Visiting

St. Charles Place - Night Of The Stormrider "Rick Borstelman 'Flying Frog'" Artwork $140

Electric Company - Demons And Wizards $150

States Avenue - Night Of The Stormrider "Axel Hermann" Artwork $140

Virginia Avenue - Night Of The Stormrider Remastered Artwork $160

Pennsylvania Railroad - The Reckoning Single $200

St. James Place - Burnt Offerings Original Artwork $180

Community Chest - The Blessed

Tennessee Avenue - Burnt Offerings Remastered Artwork $180

New York Avenue - The Dark Saga $200

Free Parking - Free Tickets

Kentucky Avenue - Days Of Purgatory  $220

Chance - The Damned

Indiana Avenue - Something Wicked This Way Comes $220

Illinois Avenue - Alive In Athens $240

B&O Railroad - Overture Of The Wicked Single $200

Atlantic Avenue - Horror Show $260

Ventnor Avenue - Tribute To The Gods $260

Water Works - Sons Of Liberty $150

Marvin Gardens - The Glorious Burden $280

Go To Jail - Go To Dante's Inferno

Pacific Avenue - Framing Armageddon $300

North Carolina Avenue - The Crucible Of Man $300

Community Chest - The Blessed

Pennsylvania Avenue - Dystopia $320

Short Line Railroad - I Walk Among You Single $200

Chance - The Damned

Park Place - Dark Genesis Box Set $350

Luxury Tax - VIP Tickets Pay $75

Boardwalk - Slave To The Dark Box Set $400


Re: Iced Earth Monopoly

Stormrider wrote:
"You decide to leave the band to become a cop, go back three spaces".

my God I almost fell from my chair when I read this.Great ideas dude. Twisted Evil

It's going to take a lot longer than I thought as I decided to make my own tokens and such. I will of course buy a pewter kit for making the tokens and either wood or if they are available plastic making kits (though probably stick with wood making kits as it would be cheaper I'm sure) for the houses/hotels which I am renaming Night Clubs and Arenas. I am not the best artist so they probably won't come out that great but still. It is taking a long time finding all this stuff I need and having time off work to do this. Oh well rest assured when I do have some physical product to show I will post here.

In the meantime here is some ideas I had for tokens (there will be six tokens which the common number of tokens in a Monopoly game, though depending on the version that number is sometimes higher).
1- Stormrider on horse (the US version cover, see my avatar for what I want it to look like)
2- The burning/fallen angel
3- Set Abomnaie (I think I spelled it wrong oh well)
4- A guitar leaning against an amp
5- A drum set (though it will be too small to include an IE logo on the base head)
6- and the least likely considering my some what lack of artist skills, the Iced Earth logo as a token.

Any of you fine minions are welcome to come up with other token ideas, I'd appreciate it, hell might even eliminate some of my ideas in favor of yours who knows. Also if you have better ideas for the house/hotels than what I posted, let me know, again I might like it better than my idea.

I know I can't legally sell any copies of the game once it is made but I can give you the templates and such to make your own. But like I said it still is a ways off. I am expecting to have my prototype game done (hopefully complete as well) by summer 2011. Once again it depends on my available time and money (for stuff needed to make this shit!).

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