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Sandra - Dark Saga -

IE might come to Colombia OMG!!!!!!!!!

Basically it says where to buy the tickets and the guys from Fuck Yeah Productions say it's true... but since IE hasn't said anything yet, I can't be 100% sure about this....

But if it is true.... well... I might have a heart attack real soon   Very Happy

Lucky you! Very Happy  (if ti's true)
We want many pics and vids  Mr. Green
Set Abominae

I hope its true for you, Sandra Very Happy

But honestly, the logo doesn't look like the "professional" one, if you know what I fact it kinda looks like someone drew it in paint lol

But I hope to god its real Sandra!!!!!! Then you can witness the awesomeness that is Iced Earth!
The Wicked One

If its true, I am happy for ya.

Congratz if it's true!

Fuck Yeah Metal Fest...I like THAT name!
Metal Defender

iQue suerte! ^^ Mortal Sin are really good live too. It should be a great show, if true Very Happy

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