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im here

what else is there to say!

Iced Earth Rules

Hell i guess i shoud say something about myself . Ive been into Iced Earth since around when Days of Purgatory came out . My Brother in law game me this cd (notsr) i think i had it for a few month before i really liked it , got days of purgatory  then The Dark Saga was totally hooked. I will say imho Iced Earth has been and always will be the most true Metal Band there is  .Ive been a member on some of the older boards . I hate it they all end up gone . Anyway

Rock on !


well welcome to the minions, the TRUE minions and I hope you enjoy it here a lot dude!

have fun  \m/
Set Abominae

Hey man!

Welcome to Minions of the Watch! It's good to see new faces around here always!

Come back often and tell everyone in your family to sign up!  Laughing  Just kiddin', unless they are all Iced Earth fans!  Razz

EDIT: I just noticed that you're from Washington State! AWESOME!!!! That's where I'm from!

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