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So, who here plays any instrument? If so, how long have you played for and why did you start? Major influences? Post anything about playing instruments basically.

I've played bass since September this year, so I'm not really that good. My teacher says I'm nautrally musical though. /brag

I originally wanted to play drums, but a) they're expensive and b) not enough room in my house for a kit. So I went a while playing nothing, then I suddenly felt this urge to play bass. So I bought a cheap bass with an amp and started lessons at school. I'd say my main influences to pick up the bass were Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Cliff Burton (Metallica), Christopher Wolstonholme (Muse) etc.

So yeah, what do you play?

I've always wanted to play the guitar but was never brought up on music so when I tried when I was 16 I failed horribly. All I wanted to do was strum along to basic video game music but nooooo I r teh sux0r
Tainted Innocence

Guitar,been playing 2-4yrs (lost count),just started taking lessons this year though. influences? Iced earth,trivium,lamb of god,bullet for my valentine,metallca,iron maiden,judas priest and children of bodom

I'm playing bass, e-guitar, classical guitar and vocals

my major influences are metallica, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Motörhead, Kataklysm and the whole trash scene such as Testament, Kreator, Exodus, the good old shit...

well I was always inspired by Jon, which plays guitar AND bass, so when I finally managed a good bass playing, I started playing e-guitar as well...

I play Keyboards (2 years or more, don't remember exactly) and vocals, although I suck at singing  Smile

My greatest influences: the band from my sig, Stratovarius, Manowar, early Blind Guardian, IE and Gamma Ray.

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