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Just listen to 11 Dreams.  Holy fuck I love these guys.  Its scary to think that I may love them more than IE.  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

The Hours That Remain is among my favorite metal albums of all time, and for those of you who know me, and know how long I've been listening to metal and how much metal I have and know, that says a lot.

But Architect of Lies - I can't even describe how mind-blowing this record is.  Best. Metal. Ever.

11 Dreams -

Redefine Me - (outro on this one is sick)

Public Failure Number One -

well they are not bad, I have to say they are quite enjoyable....but NOTHING I could compare to Iced Earth, not in one way. they are not even near the strengh and the power of Jon Schaffer

Totally different genre of metal that IE.  I love the Gothenburg sound of metal that's coming out of the Scandinavian countries lately, and for me Mercenary was at the top of the pile.

Good band. Not gonna be the same without Mikkel though.

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