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Metal Bands Chart on Billboard 200

The reason I am posting this is because frankly, in America Metal is NOT as respected as in other countries. I mean in almost every other country REAL metal bands (I don't count crap like Limp Biskit, My Chemical Romance etc) constantly chart in the top 20 a lot of the time.

Anyway back to the reason I posted this, for three of my favorite bands making the Billboard top 50! To me that is an accomplishment (not by the bands, but by the fans who actually BOUGHT the albums to chart them).

Iced Earth - According to Billboard Music Charts on September 7th, Iced Earths Single I Walk Alone charted at No.44 on the top singles chart, and on October 4th The Crucible Of Man charted at No.31!

Cradle Of Filth peaked at NO.48 (according to the net it went up to No.17 this week!!!) the previous albums didn't break the top 50, with Thornography peaking at No.60.

AC/DC remained NUMBER 1! For two weeks straight since Black Ice was released. Beating out crap like PINK and High School Musical 3 Soundtrack! Though this is a first for AC/DC (to be number 1 on Billboard, in America) they have broken the top 10 a few times before. In 2000 Stiff Upper Lip made it to Number 7, 1995 Ballbreaker made it to Number 4, and in 1990 The Razor's Edge made it to Number 2!

And as I was writing this and looking through the internet for metal chart toppers, I found another surprise. Amon Amarth!! Charted at number 50 in the Billboard top 200 with their latest release Twilight Of The Thunder Gods, and that same album made it to NUMBER 6 on the top Independent Charts!!

Today I am proud to be a true metal head! (Sure some metal heads don't consider COF metal but I do so *spits raspberry at everyone*) Of course other real metal bands may have charted as well even years ago but I didn't notice any of that til today.

thats awesome! Smile
Tainted Innocence

it sad because it's going more and more downhill,
it seems like less people are even talking about metal,
less people even listen to metal,
and less people support metal.

like my town had a half decent radio station try to bring a few...well not metal bands but more well known bands to my town,
that failed because it didn't have enough support to bring them back.

it frick'n sucks.

(and i happen to think COF is metal also.)

"so there is hope you see....
but we must act with great speed!"

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