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Metallica- NEW ALBUM

Yesterday, Friday 12., I was at the release party/concert of Metallica for their new album Death Magnetic in Berlin, and they played some of the new stuff too.
I've listened to the new album and I'm loving from head to toe.
I'm very interested how YOU like the new album.
So if you already got it, please write your oppinion here, no matter what ya think of it...

Well the album is still not up to snuff as far as the legendary albums from And Justice For All on down are concerned. But it is NOT a travesty like St Anger was. And it is better than the two Load albums as well. As we all know Load was the beginning of the end of the greatness that Metallica once were. Hell maybe even the Black album may have been the seed. Though the black album had way too many good songs on it to be as bad as the two to three good songs on each Load album with the rest just sucking, in my opinion. They were my number one favorite band ever. Had they kept up the kind of music from Justice on down they'd still be my number one, but we know that Cradle Of Filth have taken that mantel with Iced Earth still at number 2 over KISS!

I do get tired of folks claiming "maturity" in the song writing. Writing differently is in no way an indication of maturity. Especially since the "mature" songs fucking suck. I am also sick of the folks that say "if they kept playing the same type music all the time they'd be boring" that is so far from the truth. Look at Deicide, I really don't see much difference if any between any of their albums and each and every album KICK ASS!! How does kick ass music become boring? But I digress.

Surprisingly I dig the slower "ballad" type songs off the last few 'Tallica shits, I mean albums, over the heavier stuff. Not that the heavier stuff is bad (except all the songs that are. confusing no?). I read alot of folks have complained about "Unforgiven III", but I think that is one of the best songs off the new album. I guess they complain cause it's "raiding" from their past rather than making something new. Really who cares if it's new? So long as it's good, right?

Just like folks that complain about "Hollywood keeps making remakes. Friday The 13th, Silent Night Deadly Night and Children Of The Corn are being remade. Where is all the original ideas?". I totally dig all the remakes hell to me in most cases they are better than the originals (see the Amityville Horror remake as an example, not that the original sucked or anything). So it's not a bad thing at all to stick with what works. Nor is it a bad thing to do something new, but doing something new does not always turn out good.

Well sorry to go all soap box on you, not much of a review of the new album here at all is there? Oh well, it is good enough to actually warrant a purchase from me rather than just keeping the illegal download I got of it about two weeks or so ago. I only downloaded it cause I was worried about it being St Anger II The Horrible Terrible Sequel! Anyway I do recommend it to Metallica fans new and old but you folks craving old style 'Tallica may be disappointed.
The Wicked One

That Was Just Your Life or whatever kicked ass. everything else was kinda meh for me.
Set Abominae

I loved it from beginning to end.

My least favorite track was Cyanide. The three pre-releases [the day that never comes, cyanide, and my apocalypse] are the worst songs on the album, in my opinion.

But everything else kicked ass!!!

I bought it on Itunes this moring , and I was pleasantly surprised with Death Magnetic. I enjoyed most of the cd. At first, the only song I didn't like was Unforgiven 3 .. but after a few times listening to it , it is growing on me.

This is the best cd since The Black Album, it's far better than Load and Reload , and that piece of shit St Anger. However it falls way short of Justice and Puppets.

Nothing says it better than this:

The album is boring and uninspired. I tried to like it but after 2 listens I can't say anything more than there's basically nothing intresting on the album.

KitCorpse wrote:
Nothing says it better than this:

hahaha, never saw that picture before...makes me think of james and rob in a different way, may I ask where ya got this godlike picture from?
The Sexiest Metalhead

I can't even listen to Metallica. Fucking sellouts.

Feaněs wrote:

hahaha, never saw that picture before...makes me think of james and rob in a different way, may I ask where ya got this godlike picture from?

I found it from another forum that I frequent, someone else had posted it.

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