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awsome band that has a constant way of kicking asses since the early days. One of my favourite bands and surely unique, so what do you think of good old Lemmy Kilmister and his boys?

Awesome band.....Another Perfect Day is my fav cd
Set Abominae

Motorhead = Awesome.

Did you hear the Lemmy track on Dave Grohl's metal project, Probot?

of corse I did...

Wink, ya know, in austrtia, at the noverrock festival, motörhead played before metallica, and metallica played "damage case" with lemmy on stage!!!

Did you hear about that? it was awsome.....

Quite repetitive band but in small doses they are awesome!
Saw them live in 2007 and it was one of the coolest shows i've seen. Also caught guitar picks from Lemmy and Phil!

My favourite album is "Another Perfect Day" with "Inferno" close behind.
The Wicked One

"We are Motorhead, and we play rock and roll!"

great band
The Sexiest Metalhead

Everyone should like Motorhead.


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