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Murder By Death...

These guys are not metal at all, so this is why I put it in the Non-Metal. They're more of a... folk/melodic/rock type stuff but it really, really fucking kicks ass. They're from a town named Bloomington, Indiana, which is like a three hour drive north of me. So what I think they offer to the music community is just... everything. I got into them from a dewd I use to work with, and have been listening to them every since.

The album I try to promote the most is their second to last one named Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them. It's an epic 10 track album about the devil going to Mexico (I'm assuming it's time-frame is the old westernish) and getting shot in the back by a guy, then notices how purely evil humans can be, then the resulting vengeance on the town, it's people, it's kids and finally the guy that shot him. It's so well written and produced that you can seriously just fucking watch the video of each song play out in your head. I've been saying since I heard this album that they need to do this album as an animated movie and strictly stick to the album as a long music video.

So yeah, their MySpace:
YouTube Video:

Now their latest album, In Bocca Al Lupo, isn't as epic, but still awesome. If you ever have a taste for something slower, check out their albums. You really won't regret it.

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