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My Iced Earth videos...

Iced Earth has always inspired me...especially with gaming. I have written a nice little description below the videos to explain how it all came to me. Yes, it's a little corny, but it epic.

These videos below, are what I wanted to be a series of videos, called The Something Wicked Saga, but I never put the time to finish most of my work, so it slowly fell apart. I only recorded two videos, The Prophecy (Part One), and The Clouding (Part Two). This is my art.

Something Wicked Part 1 - The Prophecy

Something Wicked Part 2 - The Clouding

BTW, you can also view a better resolution version of The Clouding, at my website.

I have also attempted to re-record The Clouding in a new view, more of a montage than anything else.

Call of Duty 4 - The Clouding

Below is just a little something on why I create these videos. Don't read it, it just might bore you to death. Razz

So, it all started during a Halo 1 tournament. It was a FFA, and I was playing in the finals. Winner got the $80 out of the $100 pot (was hosted a Gaming Center). The person I was playing with turns out to be a future professional gamer (and later one of my clan mates, which I am no longer in), and it's looking horrible for me.

The score is about 8 to 3, losing by five, while he has every map advantage possible. I take a breath, turn on my CD player, and tune it to my favorite song ever, track 13 of SWTWC, aka The Coming Curse. I quickly catch up, 8 to 8, with a 5 kill streak. Nothing is stopping me, but then something starts to happen. I lose my streak, and keep getting killed, about 12 to 8 now. I thought I was done.

Not yet. 4:05 minutes into the song, I start coming back, the beast was being unleashed. There was always something about this song that got me pumped up, and now I'm finally using it to my advantage. The screams of Barlow resembles the screaming of my opponent. 4:25 - 5:10, I am untouchable, making kills that no one ever saw coming. At this point, it is 15 to 12, and I am winning. I take a breather at 5:10 - 5:45, then, all hell breaks loose. I end up winning 20 to 12, he never got a kill on me after that part of the song.

After the tournament, we became buddies, I gained a nice little reputation that day for doing what I did. It was pure epic. That moment, I knew Iced Earth was something special.

You are fucking extreme on Halo!!
The Sniper GOD!
The Coming Curse is a fucking killing machine!
Set Abominae

Man, your videos are awesome. You should try making part three sometime, if you want.

Kanadwen is awesome!

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