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My Mercyful Fate Story....

i believe it was 1983. MF was on the melissa tour, and the first show they had in the states was in portland oregon, at a club called the starry night (its known as the roseland now). anyway, fate came out and put on an awesome show.....there was this big huge silver cross over on the right hand side of the stage & when they came out to play the encore, it was a song called "nuns have no fun." when they started playing, the lights came up & thier was a nun, up on the cross like she was being crucified. she had a nun hat on (i dont know what they are called), and a thong...thats it, no top. well, as the song went on, there was no movement to this nun at all, so me and my buddy figured it was just a manequin. well, the song ended and this really hot topless nun, all of a sudden, walks away from the cross. we were just blown away...a topless wonder im such a big KD fan. Razz
The Wicked One

I love nuns almost as much as i love the dead.

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