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NEW AUDIO INTERVIEW WITH JON SCAHFFER AVAILABLE caught up with Jon Schaffer last week for a wide-ranging interview lasting 37 minutes which is available as a free mp3 download (35 MB) here. To download the interview, use your mouse to right-click on the link above, and then select, "Download Linked File."

Topics include: Where the track from the new single, "I Walk Alone" fits into the Something Wicked saga; The decision for choosing the three songs from Framing Armageddon that were re-recored with Matt Barlow on the new single; Ongoing booking plans beyond those already announced for 2008; A possible USO tour in Afganastan and Iraq; Setlist plans for Chicago Powerfest on May 2; Jon's new signature pickup, "The Ice Bucker" created by Jim Wagner of WCR Guitar Pickups; Technial talk and advice about acheiving guitar tone; Jon's guitar picks of choice and how they affect guitar tone, Jon's new private studio, "Soaring Eagle Sound"; and Impressions on the new Century Media box-set, "Slave to the Dark."

The direct link for the interview is:

The USO tour is a good idea.

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> News
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