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Set Abominae

New Metallica Album Details

Alright. I know not everyone likes Metallica. So if you don't, please don't post on this topic unless you plan on being respectful. I would rather not hear you bash one of the most influential bands of all time, nor would I want you to get into an argument with someone on the board and there be enemies.

Virginia Fuel, Virginia's local chapter of the Metallica Club, published an interview with Lars Ulrich's longtime assistance Steven Wiig. Here is excerpt from the chat:

Have you had a chance to listen to the new stuff that Metallica is working on?

Steve Wiig: "I hear it all of the time. I can't get away from it. I'm usually in or around the studio with them. There's some fast stuff, heavy stuff, slow stuff. There's some stuff on there that sounds a little bit closer to the "Fade to Black" / "Sanitarium" / "One"-style. the clean riff thing, a great melody. Verse stuff with the heavy chorus and the ending blows the shit out of the roof. It's cool to hear them doing that kind of thing again. That's what Rick Rubin has been saying; don't be afraid of doing more of what you do really well. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Just make a really good Metallica album."

"So far as far as I know James is doing all of the lyrics, and not necessarily like what was done for "St. Anger". Id imagine Rubin would want James to go off into his own world and tap into his own things and get lyrics that come from the heart. I think James' track record has definitely shown he is capable of coming up with some deep lyrics when he taps into it on his own. I'm anxious to hear what he digs up lyrically."

Steven Ray Wiig is an American musician and film actor. He is the drummer in the band Papa Wheelie, fronted by former Metallica bass player Jason Newsted and appears in the films Into the Wild under director Sean Penn and Some Kind of Monster. He currently resides in Sausalito, Marin County, California and works with Metallica. He is a close friend and Personal Assistant to Lars Ulrich.

Taken from

I have always been a fan of Metallica, and always will.  I have also found some of the arguments against Metallica to be relatively without merit.  On that note, Hails to Metallica!

I have been a fan of Metallica until Load, Reloaded and St Anger. Though I did give them a try, I just thought they were no good at all. One or two good songs on both Load albums none whatsoever on St Anger. But reading the interview I have hope that they abandon all the Load/St Anger style stuff they did. Of course even with the recent material not being any good they still play their old stuff in concert which is awesome still to this day! Even though their last three albums are not worthy of being Metallica albums (not the live stuff, just Load, Reloaded and St Anger) in my opinion I am still going to give the new one a listen anyway. Not all bands albums can be gems now, can they? Their good stuff way out numbers the bad stuff. I hope this post doesn't constitute Metallica bashing as it is not meant to be. I still like and will always like all albums up to before load and their live stuff.
The Wicked One

The albums that they did for thrash were beautiful. I can even say that the black album is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Like Stormrider i do not like the style they adopted for those later albums. That and I don't like Hetfield's singing voice as it is now. They may put on a good show playing their old stuff but id say Jame's whoas, yeas, and babys ruin it for me.

A great band that i wished turned out better.
The Sexiest Metalhead

I don't think this new album will be worth a listen at all. We all know it'll be as crappy as St. Anger, no matter what they say...

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