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Other good metal bands from Fort Wayne, Indiana...

If you want to hear what's came out of Fort Wayne since everyone that is an ACTUAL metalhead discovered that Jon Schaffer is from there (so am I), check these bands won't be disappointed:

Check out this video of Zephaniah, and watch the WHOLE guys will shit when you see what these kids can do.  They are the answer that America has to HammerFall and DragonForce.

Blackbeard's Revenge by Zephaniah.  Keep your eyes glued around the 3 minute mark.

If you aren't able to see this video on here, go to my myspace page and look in my videos folder.  I mis-titled it as another song (Flame Of The Dragon), but it's actually Blackbeard's Revenge.

Under The Wake-

Verge Of Submission-
These guys won 2nd place in Fort Wayne's Battle Of The Bands...Which in the 6 years it has been going on, no metal band has made it to the Finals.

These bands are the best that Fort Wayne has to offer.  We have a good metal scene, just not many people want to hear ORIGINAL music...most of them want to hear cover bands.

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> Metal Talk
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