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Peter Steele Of Type O Negative Dead At 48

Sad news indeed. Type O was an awesome band and Peter was an awesome singer!

Peter Steele
January 4, 1962   April 14, 2010
The Wicked One

The Sexiest Metalhead

Suprised to hear about this, R.I.P

Here is the official news from his band mates at Type O's official website. In case some of you don't believe or haven't heard about his death.
Tainted Innocence

it's a lie,he's fucking immortal.
Aggelos Poneros


For a while I had the hopes it was another hoax like what he pulled a few years back, but seems this was the real deal. Here's hoping TON respect what they had with Pete and do NOT try to hire a new singer. I don't think a band is their frontman, but Mr Steele's voice cannot be duplicated or replaced. If Type O want to still do music, do it just without the same name.
Set Abominae

Personally, I really liked CARNIVORE a lot more than Type O Negative, but I am saddened of his death Sad

A great bassist Sad

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