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Set Abominae

Pink Floyd?!

I'm ashamed a thread hasn't been made yet!

Pink Floyd is the BEST classic rock band....EVER!

One of my favorite 70's bands
The Wicked One

pink floyd rules

There was a reason why a topic was not made, because it is so obvious that they were so friggin awesome and every1 in the world likes them....or something like that.

Eh, I like some songs, but it was annoying in HS when a friend of mine all of the sudden got on the PinkFloyd cock. Starting wearing old tour shirts (that were bought new), listening nothing but teh Floyd, etc etc.

I countered with Iced Earth.
Tainted Innocence

they're pretty good from what i've heard,which isn't much

The Wall, great album and one of my favourites. very great!

Pink Floyd are surely one of the greatest ever...

I think if a rock pantheon exists, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are in ! Pink Floyd is just awesome : Echoes, Atom Heart Mother, Brain Damage ...

They influenced one of my favourite band, Dream Theater. Have you ever seen that ?

Pink Floyd Very Happy

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