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Sandra - Dark Saga -

Pyramaze - Immortal

Do you already have it? If so, what do you think?  Cool

I got it last Thursday and I have to say Immortal's a great album  Smile
A Beautiful Death, Legacy in Rhyme... excelent...

I'll give a more detailed opinion later, since I have to keep listening to it  Laughing  Wink
The Wicked One

Its great.
id like it if matt stayed in both bands, something as great as this only wants me to hear whats next for pyramaze.

but its a pyramaze without matt =(
The Sexiest Metalhead

I love it actually. The entire thing is solid. I listen to it constantly.  Laughing
Aggelos Poneros

I like entire album and specially Legachy in a rhyme  Smile

It's a great album in all aspects! Michael and Matt are a perfect combination! I really hope the "Big News" that Pyramaze will be telling us soon will have something to do with Matt staying in the fold...

Either way though, Pyramaze will continue to kick ass on all levels \m/
The Wicked One

Well any1 keeping track like myself is stoked that Urban breed is singing for Pyramaze.

Even more stoked is their apparent interest in wanting to play Chicago Powerfest 09.

CPF 08 will be held near and dear to my heart as the best fest/concerts ive been to, (given IE and Testament) but of course its a fans job to try to improve on the  situation for the later years.
This time around I will do my part to promote the fest the best I can to help insure that Pyramaze would be a wanted band.

Minions! I call upon you now to consider going to this 2-3 day fest, and inform any1 about the possibility including the chicago powerfest forum

If you have any money, when you purchase tickets, make sure to look at the packages that not only sponsor the band you wish to see but even has little door prizes like meet and greet.

I just received this album today and I LOVE IT TO DEATH! Legacy in a Rhyme, A Beautiful Death (lyrics by Barlow!!!), and Touched by the Mara are my favorites. Smile Smile Smile

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