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Pyramaze release limited 12" Vinyl Picture Disc

Pyramaze are proud to announce the release of a limited 12" picture disc edition of our latest album "Immortal". The release date is set to March 26th, and the edition is strictly limited to 250 copies. This release also marks the beginning of a new cooperation with Swedish metal label Inner Wound Recordings.

Inner Wound Recordings have also taken over the further distribution of the regular Immortal album, after our previous label was not able to fulfil their obligations anymore. Inner Wound Recordings is a division of Ulterium Records, and this company is well known for their integrity and close contact with the bands and the customers. They are in the music business for the music, which is exactly what Pyramaze is all about. The release of this limited edition vinyl is the final tribute to the Immortal chapter and our time with Matt. After this we will focus solely on new material again. The vinyl is available for pre-ordering at the Inner Wound Store ( Get your hands on this high quality collectors item before it's sold out!

Disc info and pics:

Side A:
01. Arise
02. Year of the Phoenix
03. Ghost Light
04. Touched by the Mara
05. A Beautiful Death

Side B:
01. Legacy in a Rhyme
02. Caramon's Poem
03. The Highland
04. Shadow of the Beast
05. March through an Endless Rain


every1 knows how to play.

but its not vocally traded off between singer, and guitarist/singer.
so basically its missing that which greatly affects the songs atmosphere, followed by the singer trying to hit the high notes only to keep it monotone to keep his voice from cracking.

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