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Recent Aquisitions Thread...

I tend to be the first one to do these kinds of threads on the boards I go on, I just like showing off what I buy and everyone is welcome to add their own purchases. Mine are usually from DVDs, CD's to Transformers. But yeah, I'll kick it off with my most recent buys:

Norm McDonald - Ridiculous
Patton Oswalt - Werewolve's & Lollipops SE w/DVD
Hurt - Volume I Special Edition
Devildriver - Devildriver
Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon
ManufraQture - In Spite

Cd count is at 292. Cool
Voice of Dissent

Patton Oswalt is awesome... him and Kevin James are 2 of my favorite comedians

Hell yeah... his cd is fucking hilarious.
Set Abominae

Since Jan of this year -

Chimaira - Resurrection
Metallica - Ride the Lightning
Metallica - The Black Album
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli
Rush - Snakes & Arrows
MegaDeth - United Abominations
Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain
Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Iced Earth - Overture of the Wicked
Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon
King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul... Please
Iced Earth - Alive in Athens DVD

Helltrash - Cannibullshit
Helltrash - Enemy EPidemic
Voice of Dissent

I dont buy CD's and DVD's... the only CD's or DVD's i've bought within the last year have been bootleg DVD's. I got TMNT, Pirates 3, Spiderman 3, and a couple others

Hurt - Volume II

new bmx parts....haha

possibly a Wiii

Right on, I want one so I can be a Wiiner, too. Razz
Voice of Dissent

my friend got two wiis and he calls them his wii-wii...

when he got them he asked a friend of mine (a girl) if she wanted to come over and play with his wii-wii with him

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