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RIP Chuck Schuldiner

You're gone but will never be forgotten


Hail to the father of Death Metal and one of the best guitar players out there. May you rest in peace and may you have found, what you were searching for. Sad

You are Death Metal!
The Sexiest Metalhead

I've never been a fan of Death, but I do have respect.
Tainted Innocence

i've never even heard death.
The Wicked One

Tainted Innocence wrote:
i've never even heard death.

Good band. Basically Death coined the death metal genre with the band name as well as 90% of the vocal work being close to what early death metal would be close to sounding like.
It was more thrash than anything but alot of ppl do the whole 'Venom is black metal because they had an album about it'.

Basically it came down to these bands.

Possessed: First Death Metal Band (this is debatable between them and death but for my views I leave them this title)

Death: the name as well as being influential to many death metal vocalists who are not like

Slayer: Reign in Blood.

RIP Chuck, I wish I got into metal sooner. I would have gone to a show of his in a heartbeat.

Tainted Innocence wrote:
i've never even heard death.

Set Abominae

Rest in peace, Chuck.

We miss you!

RIP Chuck

R.I.P. Schuldiner

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