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RIP Vitek


Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka – our brother and dearest friend succumbed to head injuries sustained after a bad van accident while on tour in Russia. He was 23.

One of the youngest and most promising drummers in the genre, together with Decapitated he has consistently released albums both crushing and invigorating in their musicianship.

Extremely talented – he has been involved in other side projects: Dies Irae, Panzer X.
He will be missed and can not be replaced.

The metal scene will be much sorrier with his passing…
The Wicked One

every forum has something along the lines of this.
I hope the band will keep going after every1 recovers
Set Abominae

*sigh*...Yet another death in the metal world. It's quite sad that this happens. Burton, Cobain, Darrell, Vitek....who's next?

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