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The Wicked One

Ronnie James Dio has died

Most of you probably know this already but felt like this should still be posted.

Your music lives on Dio, rock on the other side.
Tainted Innocence

he's gunna be bangin' head for a long time,he's a legend.
Set Abominae

I seriously cried today when I heard about this. Not only did I never get to see or hear Sir Dio in concert, but I heard rumors that he was attempting to write and record a new album quickly. Its a shame he didn't get the chance to finish it before his passing.

RIP, Dio, I'm gonna go cry more now.

Set Abominae pretty much said everything I had to say.

It's truly tragic, but Dio will live for as long as we all love metal!

But how can a god die?  Crying or Very sad  

My whole day is fucked now

When I read this today in the morning I was totally devastated and I still am.
Just as Set Abominae I also had tears running down my face.
This is such a tragic loss to the music scene.

I at least had the honor of seeing Dio live about 4 years ago and this was one of the best shows I´ve ever seen.

We´ll never forget you!

I saw him with heaven and hell. he died 30 min away from me too, at md anderson hospital in houston

It's good to see how loyal his fans are.

A local radio station played Dio all day, it was a beautiful thing.

sry for being so late on this one...on fuckin' internet at home....

R.I.P. DIO! I'll never forget seeing him with heaven and hell on stage...powerful, epic...godlike.  no one can fill the hole, that is inside the metal valhalla now... really sad...

I only saw him on his "Sacred Heart" Tour in the 80's. But still he was a metal god!
The Wicked One

I was lucky enough to see him on the British Steel concept tour with JP, Motorhead, and Testament.

That was a wild night. He every song was perfect. The live versions of all the material blew me away.

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