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Running Wild

So.... are there any fans here of these Heavy Metal pirates?

Diamonds! Diamonds of the black chest!!! \m/

So far my favorite song...I'm taking suggestions  Laughing  since I never moved further than Jolly Roger. That album is perfect, I just can't make myself to explore them...I put on Under Jolly Roger every fucking time  Laughing . It's stronger than me!  Laughing

I ever liked pirates and whats better than Pirate Metal? Nothing Cool
I only have the Best Of Adrian Best-Of album, which is to 95% a masterpiece (I didn't like some songs that much) Ballad Of William Kidd and Under Jolly Roger are pretty awesome tracks.

One of the coolest bands ever. And also one of the most solid bands, since none of their albums are weak. And Rock 'n' Rolf is for sure a awesome singer!

We need asap a new album!

Death or glory, we're riding the storm!

Ye - Germany at it's best Smile

great music - never saw em live so far...

btw, i shouldn't forget to name RAGE here Wink

same great stuff!!
The Wicked One

great band
Tainted Innocence

never heard'em

Schulle wrote:

btw, i shouldn't forget to name RAGE here Wink

same great stuff!!

Agree, and IMO even better stuff!  Smile
The Sexiest Metalhead

I'm not sure if averyone here knows, but RW have broken up, which sucks really fucking bad. I mean, this was one of my favorite bands for a long time. What a bummer.

yeah, that is really bad

I remember that the whole day sucked to me after I read Rolf's statement.

The only thing we can do now is waiting for the live DVD of their last concert

Yep, Wacken was their last concert and some friends of mine where there Neutral
It really sucks, I really would love to see them live.... But who knows, maybe the will reunite in some years. Reunions are SO in  Rolling Eyes

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