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Savage Circus

Just listened to their new release Of Doom & Death and I must say: it's great.

And now I want to know: what are your opinions about this band and their second album?
The Wicked One

I still need to get the album. money is tight right now but I'll get it.
The Wicked One

Yep this album rules.

If I can say anything bad about it as far as flow. I felt that From the Ashes didn't fit to be the last song before the outro Dreamland. In fact I would have had it where Dreamland was the 2nd to last song and maybe Chasing the Rainbow would be at the end.

Or it could have been schemed that having an outro like Dreamland simply left you hanging so you ended up listening to the cd again...XD

I am not sure I can say its better or not as good as Dreamland Manor.

In terms of ballads, Ballad of Susan > Beyond Reality

In terms of ending an album Born Again by the Night > From the Ashes/Dreamland

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