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Tainted Innocence


anybody here like savatage?

Never heard of them...

You are not a true metal head if you never heard of Savatage, don't have to like them (though I dig them alot) but all headbangers that grew up (I was but a teen) in the 80's have heard of them. If you heard of WASP, Grim Reaper, Crimson Glory, Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, Motley Crue, KEEL, RATT, and any other 80's band you have had to have heard of Savatage! Anyway they are a great band and the other bands that came from Savatage (Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva's Pain amongst the most widely known ones) are just as awesome.
I mean who hasn't heard the Sava classic "Hall Of The Mountain King"! Really who hasn't heard that song (maybe some 90's kids, but they like crap anyway, I don't know much 90's kids that like good stuff like Savatage, though some 90's kids like some of the good newer bands like Cradle Of Filth (The best band EVER!!), Children Of Bodom, and even Iced Earth, since they didn't come around til the 90's, unless those 90's kids are actually still kids and were born in the 90's, they probably haven't heard of those bands either)?

Ok so i checked on their website and it turned out that i think i have heard them (i listened to a audio-clip)
I think i heard them a long time ago when Jeff from Annihilator where doing a tour or whatever it was for them.

They where pretty good.
The Sexiest Metalhead

Not one of my favorites, but good none the less.
The Wicked One

Circle II Circle has Zackery Stevens as a vocalist as well
Tainted Innocence

anytime i hear ANY savatage i have to do the world (and anyone near by)
a favor by cranking it up all the way Wink
Lai Lai Hei

The Dungeons Are Calling is my favourite Savatage album.
Haven't heard anything past Dead Winter Dead, though.
Tainted Innocence

i dont really have a favorite album since i cant seem to find them anywhere.
but my favorite song is hall of the mountain king.

The albums: The Dungeons Are Calling, Hall of The Mountain King, Gutter Ballet, Streets: A Rock Opera, Dead Winter Dead and Poets and Madmen are all masterpieces and among the greatest albums ever released.
Too bad they didn't really get a real breakthrough, they should really have deserved to play at sold out venues.

It really sucks they don't exist anymore, Trans Siberian Orchestra takes too much time for them.
Jon Oliva says Jon Oliva's Pain is the closest thing we going to get, still JOP is far from Savatage, sure the JOP albums are good but nowhere near the quality of Savatage albums.
But Circle II Circle's Burden of Truth was really a blast when I heard it, sounds alot like Savatage.
The Wicked One

Savatage site re-upped. With possible reunion.....

Savatage are one of my 5 favorite metal bands and it suck that they stopped, but Zack said some weeks ago that he would love to do a reunion with the other band mates, so there is a little sign of hope Very Happy

I think the best album is The Wake Of Magellan, but the other albums are also masterpieces

The Wicked One wrote:
Savatage site re-upped. With possible reunion.....

Great news, let's hope for the reunion!

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